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Are dark circles eclipsing your eyes? Brighten up. Our treatments thicken, support and nourish the skin to illuminate your look.

This is a subject that needs little introduction. Most people have, at some time or other, looked into the mirror to see a pair of dark-ringed eyes gazing right back. It may have everything, a little or nothing at all to do with late or sleepless nights, and you needn’t be ill or stressed, to have dark circles. The trigger could well be something else entirely, and there is a vast spectrum of causes that must be looked at.

Dark circles are not a health risk, but the condition can undermine the social confidence that comes from looking one’s best. It also tends to erode the sense of well being.

What causes dark circles

Nowhere on the human body is skin as thin as under and around the eyes. Being delicate and sensitive, this is where the first signs of distress show up. It is also the quickest to reveal the effect of time and lifestyle, and is least resistant to environmental effects.

Age and genetics are the first factor. Over time, skin turns drier, the eyelids and area around the eyes get thinner with the loss of elasticity. As muscle tone decreases, small wrinkles and eye bags emerge. As skin thins out, it turns more translucent. This in turn, makes blood vessels more visible, creating dark circles. Sometimes these vessels dilate and weaken the surrounding capillaries, causing blood cells to leak. While this occurs in minute quantities, posing no cause for concern, it imparts a purplish tone under the eyes.

Sleep deprivation and fatigue are factors too. They turn the skin pale, making the blood under the skin more visible and appear noticeably darker where it shows up most easily – under the eyes.

Hormonal changes, especially during pregnancy, can be a cause, as are anemia, allergies, dehydration or nutritional deficiencies.

Introducing Rejuva Dark Circle Reduction Solutions

While the underlying reasons for dark circles must be addressed with lifestyle changes, these steps will not reverse dark circles significantly. However, you can look forward to a dermatological treatment that makes them far less visible.

Dark circle reduction is as much about techniques and treatments as it is about understanding an individual’s skin. At Rejuva, we have gathered a wealth of insight into how skin works. Applying this knowledge, the region’s largest team of dermatologists work to create specialised approaches, customised to every individual’s skin. We bring together medication with advanced Rejuva skin care products and technologies to deliver a truly effective line of treatment for dark circles.

How Rejuva Dark Circle Reduction Solutions work

Our clinical approach to dark circles is based on skin biochemistry. It combines therapies, specialised peels and nutrient formulations, depending on the nature of the problem and a reading of how an individual’s skin would respond to a specific treatment. Let’s take a closer look at how these treatment solutions work.

Mesotherapy is a technique where microscopic quantities of pharmaceuticals, vitamins and minerals are injected into the skin to help it rejuvenate and repair itself. A well established procedure that uses a tiny needle, it causes barely any discomfort and helps reduce dark circles, especially when accompanied by puffiness or sagging. Eyes look brighter and younger as a result.

In many instances, peels may be the answer. A combination of lacticglycolic and salicylic peels works non-invasively to bring new clarity to the area around the eyes. The treatment is also effective in improving fine lines and wrinkles while regulating oily skin and dilated pores. Moreover, it boosts the effectiveness of the daily cosmetic routine, enhancing the overall look. It is suitable for all skin types and doesn’t require any social downtime.

The dermatologist may opt for a gentle touch of filler to restore youthful volume and eliminate the deep, drawn look. The darkish cast reduces, restoring a sense of luminosity to the eyes.

What you can look forward to

Expect visible results as the treatment works effectively to minimise dark circles, but be aware that the condition can recur. Discipline is everything. You will need maintenance sessions and suitable lifestyle changes to stay clear of dark circles in the long run.

By Rejuva Expert Dermatologists

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