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Get the lips you’ve always wanted. Smooth. Full. Sensuous. Rejuva Lipcraft focuses on three key aspects that define your lips: colour, texture and contour.

The lips are one of our most prominent and expressive features. They help us signal our emotions and shape the sound of our words. Being an important element of our looks, they speak to our sense of social confidence even as they communicate to the world around us.

Dermatologically speaking, the lips are the transition point between facial skin and the smooth inner lining of the mouth. Their colour comes from the intense concentration of blood vessels in the dermis as seen through the thin, translucent epidermis which is only about a third as thick as elsewhere on the face. The ridges on the lips come from a highly folded dermis, not found elsewhere on the body.

As with fingerprints, every individual has a unique and identifiable lip print. Turns, tucks, folds and roundness vary from one to another too.

Lips as you like them

Youth. Fullness. Together, the two words describe what makes for desirable lips. While lip shapes may follow the cycles of fashion, ripe, smooth and sensuous lips define youth at its best. As collagen production winds down with age, lips tend to lose volume and turn thinner, while lines begin to appear, showing up as ridges which only get more visible as lipstick settles in. Lip colour begins to fade too.

There’s no doubt that genetics play a major part in determining the lips you’re born with and how they shape up. Your lips may have started out perfect, but could be responding poorly to environmental and lifestyle factors. Or, maybe, you’ve always wished for a fuller contour or a more vibrant tone. The good news is, you do not have to live with the lips you have when you can actually redefine them as you please. You can take charge, setting genetics and ageing aside.

Introducing Rejuva Lipcraft. Perfect lips by design.

Colour. Contour. Texture. These are the three essential aspects that define your lips. Working with your Rejuva dermatologist, you can focus on these very aspects to redefine your lips as you wish.

At Rejuva , the region’s largest team of dermatologists have dedicated decades of collective experience to perfect Rejuva Lipcraft, a thoughtful fusion of art and science. Using deep insights gained over the years, they work to craft customised approaches for every individual. Bringing together fillers and laser technologies with advanced peel formulations and a wide range of Rejuva advanced skin care products, they achieve the results you’ve always wished for. Do take a closer look at our lip enhancement solutions with the help of the search box below.

How Rejuva Lipcraft works

Rejuva Lipcraft is a revolutionary new lip enhancement approach that combines the latest technologies and aesthetic techniques. It creates three important results. One. Luscious fullness, by careful contouring. Two. Satin-smoothness with deep hydration. Three. Fresh, naturally perfect colour and tone, by reversing the effects of time and lifestyle.


The primary treatment goal is to modify the size and augment the appearance of the lips. Our dermatologists work with specialised fillers which are effortlessly accepted by the body, to reshape your lips or restore plumpness and give you a youthful pout. Results last 6 to 8 months, depending on the rate at which the body absorbs the filler. The procedure can, of course, be repeated as required.


Lips lose their fresh, natural colour with time and everything we expose ourselves to, be it pollution, smoking, sunlight, caffeine staining or plain and simple dehydration. Lip colour restoration is all about peeling back the cumulative effect of everything your lips have gone through, to reveal the vibrant original tones that lie beneath. The Rejuva dermatologist applies carefully customised peels to exfoliate, replenish and deep-hydrate, and Carboxy or Q-switched laser to lighten and brighten lip tone by depigmentation and regeneration.


Lines come with time, and the lips are no exception. Striations and furrows develop, and tend to get accentuated as lipstick settles in. Fine lines begin to form around the periphery of the lips and become especially noticeable with speech or expression. Loss of collagen around the mouth deepens the lines. As a reversal technique, the Rejuva dermatologist may use touches of Hyaluronic fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm help fill in the lines.

What you can look forward to

Although Rejuva Lipcraft is inherently gentle and non-invasive, the lips are one of the most sensitive zones of the body and you may feel somewhat conscious of a physical change, or a bit of discomfort that will soon pass. The treatment outcome, however, is worth a mention. As our dermatologists put it, everyone will notice but no one will know. Rejuva Lipcraft creates subtle, sustainable and deeply satisfying results. Not only do the lips turn more youthful, you would also benefit from a more defined smile and more engaging expressions as you emote and speak. The treatment creates a positive upturn at the corners of the mouth…which, incidentally, would be only one of the reasons why you’d be looking at a happier face in the mirror!

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