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Hands and feet reveal the truth about our age. Our Treatments literally turn back the hands of time by restoring youthful smoothness, softness and fullness.

Our hands and feet reveal the truth about our age, often adding a few years for effect. The difference time makes, is dramatic. Youthful hands and feet are smooth, plumped out and evenly toned. Ageing hands and feet, however, look veiny, saggy and bony with unevenly pigmented and wrinkled skin.

The hands and feet are the body’s workhorses. They do the daily chores as well as the heavy lifting. But stress and strain take their toll, increasing wear and tear on the skin and its underlying tissues.

Moreover, ageing is accelerated since typically the hands and feet are subjected to more unprotected sun exposure than any other part of the body.

Causes of Ageing Hands and Feet

It’s easy to understand why the ravages of time are more apparent on the hands and feet than on any other part of the body. Although they are more exposed to sunlight, pollutants, harsh chemicals and other environmental factors, they often tend to get neglected, apart from a quick rubdown with hand cream at best. It has been observed that while most people get down to work on their faces at some point of time with anti-ageing treatments, the hands and feet must wait for their turn. This is ironic, because not only do they show the first signs of ageing; they often age faster than the face. This is because the skin on the back of the hands and feet is much thinner than on the face, and with such little fat that the earliest signs of collagen and elastin breakdown become clearly visible.

Ageing tears away at the support structures beneath the skin. The layer of fatty tissue underlying the skin on the hands and feet, loses volume, reducing the padding which once made them smooth and plumped out. The loss of padding reveals the gaps between the veins, tendons and bones below. This, in turn, causes the skin which was once taut, to thin out and lose elasticity. These vulnerable skin cells lose their ability to retain moisture and are more susceptible to hyperpigmentation, rendering the skin tone uneven and splotchy.

Introducing Rejuva Hand & Feet Rejuvenation

Rejuva Hand & Feet Rejuvenation Solutions turn back the ravaging hands of time with a combination of procedures that focus on three key goals: restoring fullness under the skin, bringing back elasticity, and rejuvenating the skin.

Hand & Feet Rejuvenation is as much about techniques and treatments as it is about understanding an individual’s skin. At Rejuva , we have gathered a wealth of insight into how skin works. Applying this knowledge, the region’s largest team of dermatologists works to create specialised approaches, customised to every individual’s skin. We bring together fillers and PRP with advanced peel formulations and technologies to deliver a truly effective line of treatment. Do take a closer look at our solutions with the help of the search box below.

How Hand & Feet Rejuvenation Solutions work

Restoring fullness: What has been lost must be replaced. The approach is to replace the padding under the skin with a dermal filler, typically based on Hyaluronic Acid, which is nature’s own plumper. In fact, it is actually a structural component of skin, present in connective tissue throughout the human body. This filler has a remarkable capacity for attracting and retaining moisture. Our experts fill the depressions between the tendons and veins, making the hands and feet appear plumped up, softer and fuller.

Bringing back elasticity: To reinforce the staying power of the dermal filler and support skin elasticity, it is important to stimulate the production of collagen. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) rejuvenation solution is the ideal choice. It increases the quantum of healthy new tissue and collagen produced in a gradual and sustainable manner, by using the regenerative abilities of your own body to reverse visible signs of aging.

Skin rejuvenation: A combination of Peels and Carboxy Therapy targets photo-ageing and wrinkles. It ensures that age-revealing hyperpigmentation spots are eliminated, restoring a youthfully even skin tone, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

What you can look forward to

Your hands and feet will start looking more youthful almost instantly. They will turn smoother and plumper; the skin more taut. There will be visible improvement over time as your body’s own rejuvenation mechanism works its magic over a series of ongoing sessions that support the body’s rejuvenation process. Your dermatologist will advise you on the follow-up sessions required to keep your hands and feet at their youthful best.

By Rejuva Expert Dermatologists

What to expect

Each therapy has its own post-session effects and aftercare requirements. Around 3-6 sessions are required to achieve the desired results, followed by maintenance sessions to sustain them.

Peels generally cause minor redness for a few minutes and flakiness for about a week after the treatment. Typically around 3-6 sessions are required for best results.

It is important that you are diligent about keeping your skin well hydrated and using a sunblock with SPF 30, at least.

Your dermatologist will recommend the appropriate follow-up care and products to be used after each treatment

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